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Urban Smoke Food Truck

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In February of 2012 our team attended the National BBQ Association trade show in San Diego, California. We were in awe of the extensive and unique food truck offerings and left that convention with the goal of starting our own truck in Toronto. By June of 2012 we were ready to debut our new truck, Urban Smoke. Our truck is a versatile food service vehicle, specializing in both traditional and fusion BBQ foods. By combining our knowledge of traditional BBQ with elements of different cuisines, we have a unique offering in the Toronto food truck scene.

Since its launch, Urban Smoke has acted as a creative outlet for our team. We often have ideas that just aren’t feasible in our traditional buffet style services, but those limitations are nonexistent when it comes to a food truck. Some of our favourite offerings have been created by our team having fun and experimenting in the kitchen. Items such as our Urban Spy, Royal Yorkie and Turkey Poo-tine are delicious products that we wouldn’t have been able to serve otherwise. Urban Smoke helped us recapture the creativity and love of food that brought us all to The Gourmet Group in the first place.

Our company, The Gourmet Group, is an event catering company that started in 1998. We also have The BBQ Gourmet and The Breakfast Gourmet brands. Between the three brands we cater around 1500 events a year and serve nearly half a million people in Toronto and southern Ontario.  Urban Smoke has been an exciting addition to our company and brings a versatile menu offering we wouldn’t have been able to offer otherwise!

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