About Us


Our company, The Gourmet Group, is an event catering company that started in 1998. We specialize in southern-style barbeque under our BBQ Gourmet brand. Currently, we produce 1,400 BBQ events annually, serving over 350,000 guests across southern Ontario.

In February 2012, our team attended the National BBQ Association trade show in San Diego. We were inspired by the extensive and unique food truck offerings in California and decided to build a food truck of our own. We launched Urban Smoke Fusion BBQ food truck in June of 2012.

Urban Smoke is a versatile food service vehicle, specializing in both traditional and fusion BBQ. We combine elements of different cuisines and marry them with traditional southern style BBQ. Our offering is unique in the Toronto marketplace.

Whenever possible we bring an actual smoker trailer to events and combine the two units so we can have a real on site presence in terms of grilling, smoking, and entertainment value. Urban Smoke services both public and private events throughout the GTA.

Our menu is quite diverse and it is constantly evolving. We always stay true to serving great southern style BBQ adding a twist!